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A Pair For Every Outfit

How old were you when you started wearing glasses? My sister was in second grade. I remember how frustrating it was for her, always sporting big, plastic 80’s frames. I was one of the lucky ones. I was able to see just fine, never having to worry about how “uncool” glasses made me look. Honestly, I thought it would always be that way. My optometrist joked with me that I couldn’t avoid them forever… most people, she said, start to need some correction in their mid-forties. And magically, by the time I hit 42, she was right!

Though I don’t need glasses all the time yet, I definitely need them to drive and to see things at a distance. Having to add an extra accessory to my face kind of cramped my style. It’s impossible to find a pair of glasses that look cute with every single outfit, and no one can afford a pair of glasses in every single color! I mean, I adore my pink glitter cateye glasses… they just aren’t perfect for every occasion. That’s why I was so excited when I heard the buzz around Pair Eyewear.

Pair Eyewear was founded by two college friends who wanted to create glasses that kids would actually want to wear. They had worn glasses when they were younger and absolutely hated it. The goal as a company was to offer glasses that were both affordable and customizable. After interviewing kids themselves and doing a lot of research, the partners had a prototype and a pitch they brought to Shark Tank in 2020. Now, thousands of pairs later, Pair has a large, devoted customer base.

The magic of Pair Eyewear is the ability to customize your glasses to suit your personality. Glasses begin at just $60 for a pair of single vision lenses. The brand offers 10 different adult and 5 kids base frames in 6 color options. Every base frame is built with a magnet in each of the top corners, allowing the wearer to snap on a variety of Top Frames, that start at $25 each. There are hundreds of Top Frame options! From classic colors and patterns, to limited edition seasonal collections, to sunglasses, to officially licensed collaborations with the MLB, NBA, Marvel, DC, Sesame Street, The Peanuts, and Harry Potter… the possibilities for accessorizing your outfit with your glasses are endless!

For my first Pair, I chose the Ella frame, which is a small, cat-eye style. I selected the tortoise shell color, since I have brown hair. I figured the stems would blend in with my hair well and showcase the top frames best. I was really happy with the fit and quality of the frame right out of the box. The only drawback for me is that I have to take them off to read, since I chose single vision lenses. This is totally on me, and I plan to have the lenses replaced at some point by my optometrist to better suit my needs.

I started with a few classic Top Frames… red with white pin dots (to match school colors), a tortoise sunglasses topper, green camo, and a yellow Hufflepuff plaid. They were a great little collection to start with. However, it didn’t take long until the obsession for accessorizing began! Pair releases a new collection of limited edition Top Frames every few weeks. I have definitely felt the need to have one for every holiday. Pumpkins, hearts, shamrocks, Christmas lights, and Santa Dinosaurs have made their way into my collection.

I even have music notes and book Top Frames for school, which were a necessity as a music educator. My students LOVE my glasses. They call them my “magic glasses” and are always interested to see how I have matched them to my outfit each day. I love how I can be both festive and fashionable with the same basic pair of glasses.

The Pair site is easy to navigate and fun to shop. There is a handy Wish List feature which shows you the collection of Top Frames you already own, and allows you to save the ones you want to buy in the future. The company also has a rewards program that gives you points on each purchase that can be used to in the future. And, Pair works with the Eyelliance, giving glasses to a child in need with every new pair purchased. That means you can feel good about giving back when you buy your own.

Want to try Pair Eyewear for yourself? Click on the previous link to save $25 on your first order. You will absolutely love how fun these glasses are! With Pair, you can have a new glasses for every outfit!

2 thoughts on “A Pair For Every Outfit”

  1. I’m glad to see these new companies get into the frame business.
    Years ago I heard that a few companies had tied up the lens business. No matter who you buy frames from this handful of companies supply lenses to everyone.
    You can spend as much as you want on lenses and frames.
    Years ago I had a bunch of money left in an FSA account so I bought a pair of Oakley’s.
    The frames were around $100, but I went with progressive bifocals. I think in total those “running” glasses cost $750! And over the years my eyes got a little better and I couldn’t really wear them anymore!
    I’m glad it was just spend it or loose it money.


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