The Secret Lives of Dresses

One of my absolute favorite things in the world is vintage fashion. The dresses, the hats, the jewelry, the handbags... all of it! Esthetically, I am especially drawn to the fashion of the 40's, 50's, and 60's. To me, there is something romantic about wearing a day dress to do ordinary things. The bold patterns… Continue reading The Secret Lives of Dresses


My Style Influences: Favorite Toys

(It seems like a thousand years since I have written a new blog post... especially one that contains positive thoughts. It's just really hard right now to summon positive mental energy when it feels like the entire world is going to explode. Maybe though, forcing myself to think in that positive space is exactly what… Continue reading My Style Influences: Favorite Toys

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Dapper Day at Home 2020

As the craziness of Quarantine 2020 drags on forever, I have been looking for ways to break the monotony of the day. I mean, one can only take so many walks, watch so much TV, and work from home for so long before they start to feel a little bit like Jack Torrance. (All work… Continue reading Dapper Day at Home 2020


A’Beautiful Soul Surprise Box Unboxing

Hi beautiful people! You know we all need a pick me up right now. New clothes always make me feel happy. Getting things in the mail makes me happy. Surprise boxes make me happy. Why not combine all of those things and try a Surprise Box from A’Beautiful Soul or Altar’d State?! Boxes are offered… Continue reading A’Beautiful Soul Surprise Box Unboxing

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2020 Swimwear Preview: Draper James for Land’s End

With all of the suits I have tried on, I sure hope the beaches and the pools are safe to visit soon. Seriously, I need the sun, the laughter, and the calming waves. (Plus a margarita handed to me by an adorable waiter wouldn't hurt!) Honestly though, I will put a lawn chair in a… Continue reading 2020 Swimwear Preview: Draper James for Land’s End