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20 Things I Have Really Missed During 2020

2020... sigh. What do you even say at this point? Precedented times... what are those? Remember real life? Yeah, I miss it too. I have never been more ready to put a year in the rearview mirror quite like this one. It's so strange... a year ago today, we were all waxing poetic about how… Continue reading 20 Things I Have Really Missed During 2020


I Never Wanted To Be A YouTuber

I never wanted to be a YouTuber... and I still don't. Yet, 2020 has played a dirty trick on me! The school where I teach is 100% virtual for at least the first quarter... possibly even longer. That means I must create at least 30 video lessons a week. Just me, alone in my classroom,… Continue reading I Never Wanted To Be A YouTuber

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Quarantine-cation Pool Party

Groundhog Day is here again! Here we are, in day 4,072 of quarantine and I am over it! Summer vacation is quickly approaching and most of the pools in the area have announced that they will remain closed for the 2020 season. Vacations have been cancelled or postponed left and right. Even Independence Day celebrations… Continue reading Quarantine-cation Pool Party