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2020 In Focus…

Every year I choose a word to motivate me… something that I want to be my overarching tenet for everything I do that year. After much deliberation I think I have finally settled on my word of the year for 2020. I don’t know why it causes me so much stress. I think it’s because I want the word I choose to have gravity. I hope it is something that defines me and the events of my year. I want the word to be authentic and not terribly cliche. Perhaps where I have settled will be a cliche anyway, but because the year is 2020 I have settled on… FOCUS.

To focus means to concentrate or zone in on something specific… to direct all of your attention to an object or goal, in order to see it more clearly. This year I want to focus on what’s actually important and what impassions me. I want to focus on my relationships and really see the people in my life for who they are. I want to intentionally invest in those relationships and help them to grow. I want to focus on my goals and push myself to achieve things I didn’t think were possible. And I want to focus on ME. I want to be able to allow myself to take up space in the world and stop apologizing for being who I have been created to be. I’ve just started to need glasses to see things at a distance more clearly. For a while, I haven’t been seeing things truly in focus and just ignored the blur. It’s amazing what sharpness new lenses can give you. I want to see my life with those sharp lenses too.

I don’t believe in writing resolutions. Instead, I write goals… a list of things I hope to accomplish over the course of the year. Semantics, perhaps… but I don’t really beat myself up if I don’t completely accomplish every single goal. Armed with a pile of my colorful pens and my Passion Planner, I have spent the last few days mapping out my goals for 2020. (If my planner is pretty and color coded, it is motivating.) I have broken the goals down into several categories. Some of my goals are just for fun and some are life changing. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I will have at least accomplished 10 or 15 of them.

Personal: travel to somewhere I’ve never been — swear less — learn a new skill — read 30 books — wear lipstick every day — get a new tattoo — win something fab in a contest — pay off and close 2 credit cards — spend mindfully — be more generous — hand write and send a letter to someone once a month — repaint the kitchen — redecorate the master bedroom — stop apologizing for myself — practice what I preach — master 10 new recipes — try 10 new restaurants

Spiritual: establish a daily quiet time — pray often — find a way to volunteer at church — read the New Testament

Social: be a better friend — be an encourager — host a wine and cheese party — attend a progressive dinner

Blogger: reach 2.5 K followers on Instagram — collaborate with a local brand each quarter — collaborate with one national brand — post blog content 2-3 times weekly — make new connections — do a monthly content photoshoot — more try-on sessions — establish my niche

Health: buy a treadmill — do a competitive 5K each month — walk/run 400 intentional miles — stay hydrated — journal often — complete a race in under 50 minutes — eliminate soda — reestablish and maintain a fitness routine

Work: upload grades weekly — recruit motivated new singers — get a superior rating at Large Ensemble Contest — 50% of Solo and Ensemble students to State Contest — begin my Master’s Degree — make the New York trip epic — organize the music library — foster an encouraging and inclusive classroom

Today is the first blank page in a completely new chapter. It’s a day full of promise and a whole bunch of the unknown. That is both exhilarating and terrifying! In addition to staying focused on a mountain of goals, my 2020 will include participating in my first RunDisney race, celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary, and taking a trip to New York City with 75 teenagers! Hopefully by the end of the year, my focus on myself and the world around me will be sharper, and I will be living louder and loving harder.

Welcome to 2020. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “2020 In Focus…”

  1. Sounds like some positive and realistic goals. Proud of you. Enjoyed reading this and seeing what your goals are. Hoping I can be motivated for some important goals as well.


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