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2020 Swimwear Preview: Lane Bryant

Sigh… I am starting to fear that the best my bathing suit is going to see this summer is my backyard and ten thousand mosquitoes. However, I am still going through the exercise of finding the perfect suit, gosh dang it. A golden brown tan and the ocean waves are calling my name! I will be well prepared to slay it on the beach when all of this is over.

Since the malls are still closed under quarantine rules, I ordered several suits from Lane Bryant online. The site had a relatively large selection and shipping was fast and free. I chose three vastly different styles in the hopes that one would really be the winner.

The first suit I tried was a bright and playful patchwork swim dress. I loved the high neck and the comfortable full coverage style of the suit. It definitely fit in a flattering way and was a very pretty color. My only reservation is that I actually like to swim… but this skirt style often creates an awkward bubble underwater. I put this in the “maybe later when it’s on sale” category.

When I saw this cute high neck top and swim short together online, I thought it was adorable. On my body though? Absolutely NOT! The shorts bunch in weird places and look so unflattering on my body shape. The top didn’t quite work either. If you have relatively small thighs and a flat-ish tummy this may work for you, but I would say it is an emphatic “no” for most plus size girls.

This last one though… I absolute love. I took a chance on this suit because it has a bit of a vintage feel to it and my husband seems to love seersucker fabric. There are several mix and match pieces in the seersucker collection. I chose to go with the bikini top and skirt for the bottom. The top fits my proportions very well and shows off my assets nicely. I chose the skirt because it matched the playful, vintage vibe of the suit. This one makes me happy and encourages me to turn up the radio and dance like I’m on Beach Blanket Bingo. (Look it up kids… it’s a really corny, but fun movie.)

Lane Bryant has a lot of cute Plus Size options… and this weekend, they are 50% off. Hop online and dream of going away…

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