Plus Size Clothing Review: A’Beautiful Soul Denim 2020

If you have been following my blog or my Instagram for a while, you know that A’Beautiful Soul is one of my go-to brands for gorgeous, boho chic clothing. A’Beautiful Soul is a Plus Size sister brand of Altar’d State, a women’s fashion brand with more than 100 boutiques in 30 states. It is a store unlike any other, offering a beautiful shopping experience… from the layout of the store, to the scent in the air, to the kind and attentive sales staff, to the gorgeous fitting rooms… it is a shopping haven. Altar’d State/A’Beautiful Soul provides fashion-forward clothing, accessories, and charming home decor. This is a company that gives back, seeking to inspire through action and supporting a mission of standing out for good in the world. (For a complete review of my first impressions, please see my blog post from last summer.)

From the beginning, I have been a big fan of the dresses, tunics, and accessories at A’Beautiful Soul. I love the romantic vibe of each piece. Everything is professional and comfortable enough to wear all day in my classroom. I have also found a few really snazzy items to wear for the holidays or a fancy night out.

When it comes to bottoms though, I feel like what was offered in the past was largely forgettable. There were a few skirts and pants, but nothing that spoke to me. My biggest disappointment was the lack of denim. I only found a pair or two, and those usually had very large, flared legs. (Not what this big girl wants to pair with an already flowy top!)

Well, hold up because I am sad no longer! The team at A’Beautiful Soul has been listening and is expanding their denim offerings in a big way for the fall. More fits and more washes have already begun to hit the website and the sales floor. I was super stoked to try them on, so I stopped in the St. Louis location (West County Mall) to give them a whirl.

The sales associate was kind enough to pull a sampling of fits and washes for me to try on. By the time I had picked out a few tops to pair with them, my fitting room was filled with a lovely array of denim. Depending on the style and brand, I can float between a couple of sizes, so I was given a sampling of both 22 and 24. I was placed in a nice big area in the back of the fitting rooms where I could try things on at a good social distance… but the sales associates made sure to check back and comment often.

As far as first impressions are concerned, I loved the variety of washes and design treatments that were available. There were jeans in a spectrum of blue, along with white and black. The jeans were also offered in destructed and non-destructed styles. They seemed competitively priced, at around $80 per pair. The best part was that I was able to wear a size 22 across the board. (Hooray for true to fit sizing!)

Almost every single pair offered a great amount of stretch, so they will be comfy all day long. This should also be considered when trying to decide between sizes though. If they feel a little loose, size down! (You don’t want to have your jeans falling off your butt half way through the day.) If you are like me and don’t wash your jeans often (like after several wears), you may want to consider a snazzy belt for the future too.

The first style I tried was the Mid-Rise Boot Cut. I absolutely loved the wash and the stretch in this pair. However, it has been a LONG time since I have worn boot cut jeans. It would take some time for me to get used to wearing something with such a flared bottom again. They would be adorable paired with a flannel for the fall… or the next time I have to chaperone the Barn Warming dance at school.

Next, I tried the Mid-Rise Skinny in three different washes. This style features a three button waist with a wide band of elastic. Oddly, I found that each wash fit very differently. The white were quite tight and did not offer much stretch at all. The destructed black wash (not pictured) were completely the opposite and felt quite large in the waist. Perhaps it was a fluke pair, but I would almost have to size down. The dark indigo were definitely my favorite of the three! They fit well and could be styled in a dressy or a casual way with different shoes and accessories.

Finally, I tried the High Waist Skinny in three different washes. Each of these fit my body extremely well. (I carry most of my weight through my middle, so a high rise jean hides the muffin top.) They offered a good amount of stretch and have a nice, skinny leg at the bottom. I love them paired with more fitted, jersey knit shirts and gauzy, flowing tunics. These will definitely be a new favorite addition to my wardrobe.

These jeans are an amazing step in the right direction for A’Beautiful Soul, and I can’t wait to see how the denim line is expanded and added to, over time. I know there are a lot of new and exciting changes coming to the brand, as they continually look to help plus sized customers feel honored, included, and beautiful just as they are. This company is doing things right and is worth supporting. Check out #ABeautifulSoul and #StandOutForGood this fall. Get yourself into a pair of these new jeans!

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