Another One Bites The Dust

Where have all of Loft’s Plus Size clothes gone?

For the last four years, Loft has been my go-to store for affordable, stylish, age-appropriate work clothing. I had the privilege of being part of their in-store Plus Size launch. Since then, I have spent plenty of dollars in the store and encouraged MANY people to follow suit. I have felt beautiful in everything I’ve purchased.

Though the line was at one time available in brick and mortar Loft locations, they moved to the typical “online exclusive” format a couple of years ago. I still poured a lot of time and money into the clothing after it was only online. As the fall of 2020 progressed, I noticed a disturbing trend. Plus Size clothes were posted with significantly decreased frequency. What was available was usually less than inspired. It seemed the end was near.

Well, I received the news I was dreading this evening. Loft is no longer moving forward with Plus Size clothing. The line will be phased out through the summer and will no longer be available in the fall.

This is infuriating and heartbreaking news. Yet another brand is giving up on a huge part of the population. While the AVERAGE American woman is a size 16-18, they are still focusing on everyone smaller than that. (You DO know average means that there are a whole LOT of people above that number, right Loft?)

Loft is likely not the only brand that will continue the trend of cancelling their Plus Size customers either. While the Plus Size population continues to rise, there seem to be less and less places for us to safely exist. Carrying size 0-18 is NOT inclusivity. Offering a small Plus Size selection online is NOT inclusivity. These companies continue to tell people that they don’t matter and our DOLLARS don’t matter either.

So now what?

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