Styled By My Spouse 2022

Instagram loves a good Style Challenge, am I right? Many of the other influencers I follow participate in weekly or monthly challenges inspired by all sorts of things… Disney Characters, song lyrics, color schemes, and seasonal themes are often part of the rotation.

I enjoy fashion challenges that are just a little bit scary… like putting the styling decisions in the hands of others. I am extremely curious to see what other people think would suit me best, then totally trying to rock the look with confidence. I’ve let my students, my nieces and nephews, and even random Instagram followers select a style for me to try. But, the week I enjoy the most is when I am styled by my husband, Jeff, for a whole week.

It’s funny how over the years this has become something my students ask about and really look forward to. Typically, we try to schedule “Jeff Dresses Jennifer For Work Week” to fall during the week before Spring Break. Each day, Jeff has to pick my entire look from head to toe. Hair. Accessories. Outfit. Shoes. He has full reign of my closets and drawers for the week and I have to wear whatever he selects… even if I think it looks whack!

After almost 25 years as a couple, I’m not sure whether these outfits are truly his own invention, or if he is strongly influenced by what he sees me wear most often. Many of the outfits he has selected over the years have been things I would have chosen for myself anyway. In fact, other than a few unfortunate pattern mixing mishaps, he has done quite well. I’m not too scared to have my husband pick my outfits… at least for a week or so! Here’s how 2022 shaped up:

Monday: Jeff’s inspiration for this day was the “thing” where girls steal their boyfriend’s favorite hoodie. He loaned me one of his favorite sweaters… which he may or may not get back. He decided to make it a little more feminine and sexy by adding the leather skirt and boots.

Hoodie: Old Navy, Vegan Leather Skirt: Arula, Riding Boots: Torrid

Tuesday: This look was inspired by the trending neon color scheme… which seems to have been a “spring trend” for a while now. Jeff was also inspired by the punky and adorable woman for Walk The Moon’s, Shut Up and Dance, video. The outfit was bright, playful, and energetic… perfect for battling a gloomy Tuesday.

Denim Jacket: Land’s End, Dress: Torrid, Sneakers: Keds

Wednesday: Jeff really wanted to incorporate a blazer into one outfit. Though I didn’t have a lot of options, he was able to use an old one I kept “just in case.” He paired it with one of his own tees and a patterned pair of trousers to give it a springy, menswear vibe. (My students said it was quite “business lady chic.”)

Blazer: Lane Bryant, Tee: Tommy Hilfiger, Trousers: American Eagle, Booties: Torrid

Thursday: For this outfit, Jeff wanted to try using a dress as a skirt. He layered a striped dress with a solid sweater, and I thought it worked quite well. (A bit of the dress collar showed in the back because women’s necklines are cut in strange and varied ways.) The outfit had me dreaming of escaping to Paris all day… and my students wondered if I was a flight attendant.

Dress: Draper James, Sweater: Loft, Scarf: Unique Vintage, Shoes: Tieks

Friday: On the last day of the week, Jeff knew that I had to direct my students at District Choir Contest. He chose a dress with beautiful back details, knowing it would look pretty on stage. (I swear, some of my student’s parents only know me from my backside.) Paired with black flats and pearls, the outfit was elegant and professional. Unfortunately, we had a weird Snow Day called at the last minute and we were unable to attend. I still got dressed and took a picture anyway… because it was important to me.

Dress: Eloquii, Shoes: Tieks, Jewelry: Shane Co.

So… how do you think he did? I am really proud of all of Jeff’s efforts this year. It’s nice to be married to a man who understands fashion trends, knows what is classroom appropriate, and strives to honor my curves with his choices. It makes this fashion challenge pretty easy. What style challenge should I tackle next?

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