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That’s What Christmas Is All About, Charlie Brown

When I launched this blog in March, I wanted it to be a place of fashion, food, and fun... a lifestyle blog filled with advice, random musings, and body positivity. I wanted to create a page where people can learn to love themselves and others boldly and loudly through self-expression, and to make it a… Continue reading That’s What Christmas Is All About, Charlie Brown

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Trying New Stuff: Axe Throwing

The latest trend in group activities is... axe throwing? Yep... gather your friends and throw sharp objects at targets for fun, while drinking alcohol. Sounds great, right? While it seemed a bit stupid and dangerous to me, that's what my lovely husband, Jeff, wanted to do to celebrate his 43rd birthday. So... I agreed to… Continue reading Trying New Stuff: Axe Throwing

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Plan Your 2020… With Paper!

It's hard to believe, but 2020 is just a couple of weeks away. (I'm not sure how time sped up so quickly... I mean, the 90's were just ten years ago, right?) The beginning of a new year brings many promises to stay more organized and attempts to meet new goals. It's helpful as we get started to write those goals down, track our progress, remind ourselves to achieve them, and reflect on the results. That's why finding a great organization tool is super important.

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Favorite Things: Advent Calendars

I love surprises!!! Let me clarify... I love GOOD surprises. You know, that little element of the unknown that brings a spark of joy to your day? That’s why advent calendars are one of my favorite things. An advent calendar is a way of counting down the days of anticipation for Christmas. They have existed… Continue reading Favorite Things: Advent Calendars

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Gifts That Teachers Love

‘Tis the season for giving! Over the last few weeks, I have posted a few articles about holiday gifting ideas. Whether it is something small that is a person’s favorite thing, or a gift created by a local maker, there are so many unique ways to show people you are thinking of them at the… Continue reading Gifts That Teachers Love