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Mouse Ears… My Favorite Souvenirs

Princess 5K week has finally arrived. I am packing my bags and I’m ready to head to Orlando. Hooray! My friends and I have been waiting for this week for almost a year. We have trained, found the perfect race gear, and planned all of our adventures for the weekend. Keep an eye out for… Continue reading Mouse Ears… My Favorite Souvenirs

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My Disney Side: Dressing for the Parks

Disney World is one of my favorite places on the planet. When I'm sad, it's the first place I wish I could be... that or a beach in Mexico with a good book and a cold margarita. There is nothing that lifts my spirits like walking down Main Street in a cute dress, latte in… Continue reading My Disney Side: Dressing for the Parks

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STL Food and Drink: Noto Italian Reataurant

One of our favorite activities as a couple is exploring local restaurants and bars. Luckily, St. Louis has an ever-evolving food scene that rivals what’s happening in much larger cities. Yeah, the BBQ here is good... but St. Louis has a plethora of chefs and restaurateurs that are creating innovative global fare. I keep a… Continue reading STL Food and Drink: Noto Italian Reataurant


Big Things, Small Town

I love to travel!! I’ve been to a lot of amazing places in my lifetime... some beyond where I thought only my dreams would take me. From the City of Lights to the City of Angels. From warm Caribbean beaches to the chilly Great Lakes. From booming metropolises to tiny quiet towns. Travel expands your… Continue reading Big Things, Small Town

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STL Food and Drink: Noboleis Vineyards

It seems like over the last ten to fifteen years, the wine industry has exploded across the United States. No matter where we have traveled across the country, there are wineries advertised as tourist destinations. Some wineries we've visited are producing great wines that are contributing to America's sustainable agriculture renaissance. (And some wineries... well,… Continue reading STL Food and Drink: Noboleis Vineyards

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STL Shopping: Long Row Lavender

I know it may not be terribly cosmopolitan, but I love living where I do. The Midwest is doing exciting things in the food, fashion, and brewing/distilling scenes. In St. Louis, we can head into the city one weekend and enjoy great local food and beer, and head to the country to enjoy the best… Continue reading STL Shopping: Long Row Lavender

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Selfie Museums… Fun or Frivolous?

It seems these days, people will do anything for the 'Gram. Instagrammers post beautiful, inspirational, and wacky pictures every day. Some share carefully crafted shots of them living their best lives, while others share their most mundane activities. With the right shot and a little creativity, anything can be an Insta-worthy picture. Consumers are able… Continue reading Selfie Museums… Fun or Frivolous?