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My Body-Positive Fitness Philosophy

Welcome to January, folks! It’s that beautiful month of the year when we are constantly bombarded with weight loss commercials, gym advertisements, and friends asking what our health goals are for the year. Ugh! I mean, yes, we should take care of ourselves and the new year can be a great kick start for new habits. However, January can be an extremely toxic month to exist, especially if you are a member of the fat kid posse.

Everywhere we turn, it seems we are told that the only way to be a “winner” or to be “good” is to stop being who we are right now. I mean, think about it… how many times this week have you seen a friend talk about how ashamed they are of their body? How many side by side pictures have you seen showing a person’s progress so people can say they look SO good… implying that before that moment they looked disgusting? How many people have sent you a message about their “magic” fix that will make your life so much better? Our friends and family may not intend for the words to sound unkind. In fact, they may believe they are being encouraging. However, trust me as a person of size… those toxic mosquito bites are felt LOUD AND CLEAR.

Listen to me right now, friend… your size has NOTHING to do with your worth. It may sound like a body-positive cliche, but it is 100% true. If you don’t plan to lose a single ounce this year… if you feel like punching the toxically positive motivators in the throat… if you wanna parade your chonky, glorious self in the world without shame… You. Do. You! Let me say it louder for the people in the back…. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MEET A SINGLE FITNESS GOAL THIS YEAR TO BE AMAZING!

My health goals this year have nothing to do with getting skinny, or swoll, or crushing a single thing. I don’t plan on being a warrior. I don’t intend to set myself up with resolutions I am bound to fail.

Instead, I want to honor the feet that carry me places. I want to breathe deeper. I want to feel energy coursing through my body. I want to feel the endorphin rush that comes from lacing on a pair of sneakers, getting outside, and moving my fat self.

My goal this year is to move 300 intentional miles. Whether I walk, run, or dance those miles, it doesn’t matter. I just want to MOVE. I want to learn how to do some yoga and stretch for peace of mind. I want to drink more water because it tastes good and makes me feel better. And most of all, I want to love myself hard and be at peace with who I am right now… this minute.

To the fat girls out there who are scared to try… just move. You don’t have to meet any goal other than that. Just get up and move the best you can to honor the body that you are in. I’m not fast. I don’t look cool. I’m just doing what I can and what I love on my own.

Whatever you choose to do, just take a step. This fat kid will be behind you, cheering you all the way!

3 thoughts on “My Body-Positive Fitness Philosophy”

  1. I’m not a girl, nor too big.. but staying motivated to keep fit is difficult. Especially now… it’s dark when I go to work and it’s dark when I get home…. come on daylight savings time!!


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