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My Body-Positive Fitness Philosophy

Welcome to January, folks! It's that beautiful month of the year when we are constantly bombarded with weight loss commercials, gym advertisements, and friends asking what our health goals are for the year. Ugh! I mean, yes, we should take care of ourselves and the new year can be a great kick start for new… Continue reading My Body-Positive Fitness Philosophy

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Photo Tips For Plus Sized People

The holidays are quickly approaching, and I am so excited! It's truly the most wonderful time of the year... even in this bizarre one we are now winding down. Soon the lights will twinkle and homes will be splashed in festive decor. There will be celebrations and times for family to gather. With the holiday… Continue reading Photo Tips For Plus Sized People

Book Reviews

Body Positive Book Review: The (Other) F Word

Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. I love reading books of many genres... historical fiction, horror, self-help, biographies, and YA fiction, to name a few. I have become especially passionate the last few years about reading books that have body positive characters in the central role and books that contain fierce, positive advice about… Continue reading Body Positive Book Review: The (Other) F Word